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Wild North Atlantic Sea Lettuce Flakes

Wild North Atlantic Sea Lettuce Flakes


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Sea lettuce is a vibrant, green, short, leafy plant. This sea vegetable has a distinctive flavor and aroma, and is best served raw. Rehydrate with lemon juice and water.

Nutritional Values

Very high in iron, protein, iodine, manganese, vitamin B12, calcium, vitamins A, B, C and nickel. High in dietary fiber (31%).

Culinary Uses

Sea lettuce (ulva lactuca) has an unexpected vibrant flavor when compared to the mildness of land lettuce. Eat it fresh with lemon juice or chopped in a green salad, and it is excellent in any stir-fry. Sea lettuce is a delicious addition to any omelet, and can be added to breads such as focaccia. It can be added to any meaty casserole or cooked with fish to impart a wonderful flavor and added health benefits associated with eating sea vegetables.

Latin Name

Ulva lactuca
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