About Us

VitaminSea Seaweed is a family-owned company. We’ve been involved in the marine industry for more than 25 years and live and work on the ocean, harvesting and creating healthy, nutritious products from seaweed. Our seaweed is harvested from the cold North Atlantic Ocean.

The ocean is part of our world, and the more we research and learn about seaweed, we have come to realize that it is the most powerful plant on earth! Our seaweed is nutritious, contains antioxidants, calcium and several vitamins, and is perfect for anyone following a vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotic or raw diet, although ANYONE can experience the health benefits from consuming seaweed.

We harvest, process, and package all of our own products. Our seaweed is hand harvested by us and our own licensed harvesters. We work year round to provide our customers with the freshest quality products available.

Everything we manufacture comes from live ocean plants, straight out of the cold pristine waters off the coast of Maine, not from seaweed that washed up on shore. We ensure that all seaweed we use is naturally sun dried to retain all of its nutrients at the highest possible level. Seaweed is a non-pollutant, renewable, and when harvested correctly, a sustainable resource.

Our Philosophy

We need to use what the earth has given us. For millions of years, plants (especially ocean plants, which are the oldest) have adapted to their surroundings. They have developed defense mechanisms, such as storing water during droughts, secreting sunscreens to protect themselves in sunny climates, or changing their colors to attract beneficial species and disguise themselves from harmful ones. They have evolved to withstand wind, heat, freezing, drought and floods.

Until about a hundred years ago, plants were the main provider of food, shelter, medicine, and personal care for humans and animals. They are our best friends here on earth, and they continue to provide us with solutions to our everyday issues and problems.

We as a company take the time to educate consumers on how we can all return to a more natural way of existence – living off what nature has traditionally provided us, and learning more about what will be beneficial to the planet and to humans as its caretakers.