Seaweed Product Testing

General Notes on Product Testing

The seaweeds we harvest are wild, uncultivated marine algae. Specific analysis may vary from the typical analysis. Naturally occurring fluctuations in the sea plants occur due to season, weather conditions, tidal flow, and time of harvest. The information we have on testing, is believed to be accurate and reliable, but represents averages and is not guaranteed as a condition of sale. VitaminSea Seaweed makes no warranty, either express or implied, and assumes no liability for this information or the products described.
We believe that traditional whole foods, such as seaweeds are well suited for nourishing human cells. Worldwide, seaweed is and has been consumed with healthy results. However, we are unable to predict your body's response. There may be elements of these plants not suitable for your particular biochemistry or condition. Only you can determine what's best for you, in consultation with your healthcare practitioner.


Since the tsunami and nuclear catastrophe at Fukushima, Japan in March 2011, we have had our sea vegetables tested for radioactivity annually. They show no evidence of fallout from Fukushima. Because of the ocean currents, we feel we will have no issue with the fallout. However, we do have concern with seaweeds harvested from the West Coast, Japan and China.

Heavy Metals

Even though we harvest in remote areas along the Coast of Maine, and harvest away from boat traffic, discharge areas, and any type of marinas and anchorages and the seaweeds have been consumed safely for centuries, we do check our seaweeds annually for heavy metals to make sure there are no significant changes.